About A.K. College

A.K. College, Shikohabad is a grant-in-aid, self funded co-educational post-graduate college and is affiliated to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra (Uttar Pradedsh). The college, managed by local governing body, was established in July, 1997. The College is located on 3 acres campus (total land area 24.2 acres) to cater to the needs of urban and rural students. The college is recognized by U.G.C. under 2 (f) and 12(B). The college has a cluster of buildings that includes administrative block, lecture rooms, library, laboratories, computer laboratory, health centre, hostel, guest house, canteen, vehicle parking shed and mini gym. It has 9 departments in the faculty of Arts and 3 departments in the faculty of Commerce. It offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) at the Under Graduate Level.
At the Post Graduate Level, college offers Master of Commerce (M.Com.) in Accounts & Law, Business Administration and Applied Business Economics and Master of Arts (M.A.) in Geography, English, Sociology, Political Science and Defence and Strategic Studies. Beside this, college also offers Batchelor of Education (B.Ed.). The Post Graduate courses in English, Political Science, Sociology, Defence and Strategic Studies run on self-financing basis. The college is also recognised as research centre by the University in the Post Graduate Subjects.


Our Vision. Mission and Objectives get communicated to students. teachers and other stakeholders through every programme in the college. The vision. mission and objectives of the college are displayed in all the departments and other prominent locations in the college campus. At the beginning of the academic year. the information about the college and its ideals is also communicated to newly admitted students through induction meetings/orientation programmes.

Few Strategies For Success

Pursuit of Excellence

Optimum transparency in admission of students and faculty appointments, upholding merit as the foremost criterion. Maintenance of a robust work culture. Discipline combined with freedom of thought and expression. A sense of national consciousness.

Character Building

Students are encouraged to be honest and hardworking. courteous in behaviour towards all, faculty members to be caring and responsive and emphasis is laid on personal dignity as well as simplicity and austerity in the total life of the college.

Entire Development of Personality

Class-room teaching is complemented with a wide range of co-curricular activities. however with considerable freedom and initiative. The balance between freedom and responsibility is maintained.


A.K. (PG) College understands 'discipline' as the ability to uphold universal values in day-to-day work and conduct. Discipline is balanced with freedom.

Our Vision and Mission

A.K. (PG) College. Shikohabad is committed to the pursuit of the excellence in higher education. character building and entire development of personality.

Our Vission

We aspire to carry forward the vision of our founders of providing affordable quality education, while expanding our academic horizons to bring the institution on par with global leaders in the field of higher education.

Our Mission

Strive for excellence in education in keeping with the motto of the college, "Knowledge is Power" and prepare young minds for imbibing knowledge, skills and sensitivity.